Why Become a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, acknowledge Medical Assistant as one of the top 30 BEST Healthcare Careers. Medical Assistants are often the first person a patient sees when visiting the doctor. Studies will include anatomy, medical terminology, biology, etc., and laboratory work. 

Curriculum Covers:                                                                                       Eligible Certifications: 

  • Medical Terminology                                                                                SITTI's Certification
  • Infectious Control                                                                                    ASVAB Certification
  • Medical Billing                                                                                         NHA Certification
  • Coping Skills                                                                                            AMCA Certification
  • Therapeutic Communications                                                                           
  • Techniques Use in Phlebotomy
  • The Physician Exam                                                                                    Career Opportunities
  • Basic Pharmacology                                                                                      Physicians Offices
  • Medical Calculation                                                                                       Hospitals
  • Phlebotomy                                                                                                   Urgent Care Clinic
  • Clinical or Externship (120 hours training)                                                      Outpatient Clinics

Course Description

Clinical Medical Assistants (Back Office Medical Specialist): perform both administrative and clinical duties, reporting directly to an office manager, physician, or other health practitioner. Training will focus on examining room procedures, obtaining vital signs and medical histories, performing routine laboratory procedures, sterilizing and maintaining equipment, and the proper techniques for administering medications as directed by the physician. You'll also learn to handle administrative duties. In addition to training from instructors with real-world experience, you will also complete an externship in a physician's office, clinic or related healthcare facility under the supervision of a physician, nurse, or health services professional. 

Required Courses:

BSC 104 Med Terminology training hours 
AHC 116 Explore Health Careers training hours 
AHC 110 Human Body training hours 
BSC 106 Med.Billing training hours 
BIO 230 Anatomy & P I training hours 
BIO 231 Anatomy & P II training hours 
BSC 100 Keyboarding   training hours
AHC 122 MA Procedures I   training hours 
AHC 123 Ma Procedures II   training hours 
AHC 178  Hospital Procedures  training hours 
AHC 290 Externship   training hours 
AHC 173 Applied Pharmacology training hours 

U.S. News and World Report rank this career as #8 Best Health Care Support Jobs and #66 in its 100 Best Jobs ranking.

Projected Job Growth: 23%
Salary Range: $29,960-$35,600
Average Length of Education: 12 months
Responsible For: maintaining accurate patient histories, taking vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, etc., obtaining laboratory samples, updating patient records, scheduling appointments